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What is the Mosquito Eliminator®?

The Mosquito Eliminator is a non-toxic easy to use hang-on insect repellent product. It is comprised of a circular disc with a hook at the top. During the manufacturing process, the disc is injected with a specifically crafted blend of natural oils know for their insect repelling properties.

Against which insects is the Mosquito Eliminator used?

Some of the insects against which this product can be used are as follows:

· Mosquitoes

· Biting Flies

· many other flying insects

Where can the Mosquito Eliminator be used?

The Mosquito Eliminator can be used as an indoor or outdoor mosquito repellent. It can be hung (for example on your outdoor umbrella, screen door, etc) or simply placed in the desired areas where you want to keep the mosquitoes away.

Why is the Mosquito Eliminator one of the best insect repellents?

The Mosquito Eliminator is a DEET-free product, made of a specifically crafted blend of natural oils which are recognized as being the most effective at preventing insect bites. The essential oils that are used are non-toxic and safe. The Mosquito Eliminator can last for up to 200 hours, assuring long and effective protection against flying insects.

Buy The Insect Repelling Mosquito Eliminator Now and start Saving!

If you are irritated and fed up with insects bothering you constantly while you’re trying to enjoy a pleasant day then the Mosquito Eliminator is the best choice for you!


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