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Back Application


• Provides fast and effective pain relief and support for muscle aches and injuries

• Utilizes a high grade cotton for breathability and comfort

• Designed to directly target the fascia (skin layers) and muscle tissues to treat the cause of muscle inflammation and pain

• 100% Latex Free

• Does not limit range of motion

• Water resistant

• Suitable for 2 to 3 days of wear

Kinesio Pre-Cut Back Support is designed to support overstretched back muscles, relieve lower back pain, and to address lumbago and sciatic conditions. Each packet contains a single-use, customizable set of tape strips and instructions. Each Back Support application comes with one pink and two black I-strips cut from genuine Kinesio Tex Tape Gold.

Simple strains are the most common cause of back pain, especially lower back pain. Muscle strain is often caused by overuse of a muscle or overloading a muscle. When a muscle is stressed beyond its limits, injury may occur. The Back application provides support and relief in a variety of settings, from mild to vigorous exercise to the strains of everyday life.

According to experts, nearly everyone will experience low back pain at some point in their life--it is the second most common cause of missed days of work in the United States; statistics show only the common cold causing more missed work. So whether your usual venue is the boardroom, the playing field, the gym or the warehouse, Kinesio Dynamic Back Support can help you stay in commission.

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